Friday, May 27, 2011

Motivation... SUCCESS!!!

Welcome to our blog.  Come in, come often to read about two guys who really don't have any skillz, but are forced into DIY situations and usually come out SUCCESSful.  We'd like to share our adventures in home ownership, car problems, fatherhood, and whatever life throws at us.  Hopefully you'll learn from our mistakes and our SUCCESS stories!  More honestly, we just want a better blog than this guy who had the gall to Tweet this:

josh kadlac
  your fixes are not cool enough for a blog. Glad you fixed it though.
In all honesty, Josh has a remarkable site and we thank him for the motivation.  We'd tell you to check out his blog, but we're also a bit competitive.  MORE TO COME!  Enjoy.

-Tony and Greggg, 
co-founders of fixin4success

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